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Mani Pedi

Mani Pedi

All manicures & pedicures include nail shaping & grooming | cuticle care | signature soak | hot oil & cream massage | hot towels | your choice of nail polish.
*extra for Gel Polish on each of service.

BonLierre Standard

dreamstime_xs_1835299_1.jpgIncludes: Detox Epsom salt soak | lemongrass essential oil massage.

Citrus Glow

dreamstime_xs_65361447_1.jpgIncludes: Detox Epsom salt soak with lemon slices + Grapefruit oil | your choice of organic scrub (sea salt or sugar) + extra virgin olive oil + orange squeeze | Grapefruit essential oil massage

Skin Polisher

Includes: Detox Epsom salt soak with dried lavender + lavender oil | organic walnut scrub | lavender essential oil massage.

Soothing Agents

Includes: Healing Epsom salt soak with fresh aloe vera slices + lavender essential oil | soothing organic aloe vera mask with cucumber + coconut oil | lavender essential oil massage.

Healing Agents

Includes: Detox with Epsom salt + dried lavender | aches killer massage with black pepper essential oil | coconut oil foot balm | joint pain healing paraffin bath.

Callus Triple Treat

dreamstime_xs_27318780_1.jpgIncludes: Signature callus loosen minty soak with vinegar | callus removal | heal smoother coconut oil foot balm | moisture sealing paraffin bath.

Cleopatra's Secret

Includes: Signature Whole Milk & honey soak | Oatmeal + Sugar Scrub | whole GOAT MILK + organic Honey mask | vanilla essential oil massage.

Anti Cellulite Beans

Includes: Signature anti-cellulite soak with 4 powerful essential oils (grapefruit, juniper berry, cypress, geranium) | coffee & salt scrub | surround + hot towel wraps | combination essential oils massage.

BFF (most popular combo)

Includes: Detox Epsom salt soak with dried lavender + lavender essential oil | callus treatment | any choice of Exfoliating Scrub | GOAT MILK + organic Honey mask | hot towels wrap | moisture sealing Paraffin bath | any choice of essential oil massage.

Add Ons

Gel Polish
Callus treatment
Sea salt/sugar scrub
Oatmeal & Sugar scrub
Walnut scrub
Goat milk mask
Aloe gel + cucumber + coconut oil mask
Extra massage
Hot stones
Buffed shine
Nail Extention

Nail Extention

SNS dipping powder creates a lightweight, more natural nail set. It offers durable, strong, and healthier growing nails by adding vitamins E and Calcium. Odor free-No Liquid-Less Chemicals.
Dipping Clear Powder Full Set/Fill (Overlay)
Dipping Color Powder Full Set/Fill (Overlay)
Pink & White Powder Full Set/Fill
Gel X
Acrylic Full Set/Fill
Gel builder Full Set/Fill
Waxing Services

Waxing Services

Upper Lip
Eyebrows & lip combo
Eyebrows & chin combo
Full Face
Full Arm
Half Arm
Under Arm
Full Leg
Half Leg
Full Back
Lower back